Riverland Trust Mark

Look for the Riverland Trust Mark… it’s our promise of quality, provenance and sustainability.


The Riverland region boasts a remarkable range of premium food, beverage and tourism experiences for you to taste, savour and enjoy.

The Riverland Trust Mark was established to provide you with a mark of integrity which when placed on a product, produce or an experience means that you can be assured that you are enjoying only the very best from our region.

We have a unique regional story which is shaped by the mighty Murray River that traverses our bushland landscape bringing possibilities to the resilient and innovative people who live, work and create here.

We invite you to come and experience the Riverland and the bounty of quality food, beverage and experiences we have to offer – you might just be amazed!

Riverland Trust Mark Holders

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It is said that if you stand by a river long enough you will eventually see your own life in it.

That is certainly true of South Australia’s Riverland community, who for more than one hundred and seventy years has grown up around the life-giving support of the River Murray. In short, it is the great, beating heart of our regional identity and purpose.

But timelines and dates really mean little for a river that sustained life and community well before European settlement, and for millennia before that formed itself out of a glacial struggle between an emerging South Australian landscape and a progressive series of interrupted, stranded coastlines.

In that geological battle it is hard to say whether the river actually conquered the land, or whether the land graciously allowed the river to find its course. What is sure is that without it, the land, the native and flora and fauna, and all of the human endeavour around it, would quickly recede and, ultimately, either migrate or cease to be.

You see the river is as defining of our region as our climate, people and our culture – indeed you could say that they are one in the same. While we often talk of the elemental challenges of fires, droughts and floods, the truth of it is that for the majority of time we are engaged in a peaceful and reciprocal exchange – the river gives us its all; we have to learn to take only a little.

This respectful and intimate dependency has certainty shaped our character.

We are a decent and conforming people, suspicious of grand gestures, but good at getting things done and good at putting on a do; we are comfortable with civility, but embarrassed by ceremony; we are slow to ire, but resolute in our stance once committed; we have faith in old ways and tradition, but recognise a good idea or innovation when we see it; we are frugal and resourceful, but always generous in welcome; and, we don’t like to look too far into the future, as if perhaps the demands of our environment and the reliance on our river has taught us to be pragmatic to a fault.

The Riverland Trust Mark is an opportunity for us to look to a further horizon, and one that recognises that a prosperous future should only be hoped for if it is accordingly planned for.

Origin, Quality and Environment will be our pillars, the foundations on which we look to celebrate and share the best examples of our flagship brands and experiences – those people and products that speak proudly and distinctly of our Riverland region, community and ambition.

In looking to our river, we find ourselves.