Arrosto Coffee

Find out why everyone is raving about the Riverland’s own boutique coffee roaster.

Just off of Ral Ral Avenue in Renmark on 18th Street, you can find the Riverland’s own boutique coffee roaster located in the town’s old Fire Station. Owned by high school sweethearts, Callum and Lauren Benda, the Renmark Fire Station proved to be the inspiration and a fitting location for the couple to develop their boutique coffee brand, Arrosto Coffee, and to showcase their roasting and blending skills.

Established in 2010, Arrosto Coffee has become a favourite amongst both locals and those further afield who now look to the Riverland for their morning perk. With a range of seasonal and speciality roasted coffee blends individually crafted by Chief Roaster, Callum Benda, there is something for both emerging coffee lover and the more adventurous. Now available in a range of local outlets, the Riverland Farmers Market and from their online store, Arrosto Coffee has cemented their quality reputation receiving awards throughout Australia and Internationally.

It is a rare and exceptional coffee brew that can take you on a journey to another dimension, tantalising tastebuds with the perfect balance of flavour, intensity and body, and evoking the senses with an aroma that elicits fond memories and fills your body with warmth deep inside. This kind of coffee experience relies on a visionary, someone willing to stretch the bounds, to learn and develop their craft to the best of their ability.

This is where Callum and Lauren’s philosophy of life, which is intrinsically bound with good food, wine and coffee, comes together to ensure that Arrosto Coffee will continually grow and evolve their coffee selection, roasting techniques and serving suggestions to ensure that consumers enjoy only the best.

Awarded for outstanding achievement and entrepreneurship in the creation and development of a value-added product.




Callum Benda


152 Eighteenth Street
Renmark SA 5341


0418 850 157

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