The Region

Australia’s longest river, the mighty Murray River, is the heartbeat
of South Australia’s Riverland region.

With a Mediterranean climate of warm, dry summers and a relatively mild winter, a population of approximately 35,000 people live and work across the five major towns of Barmera, Berri, Loxton, Renmark and Waikerie, calling the Riverland their home.

Through our key industry sectors of viticulture, horticulture, citrus, stone fruit, almond production, dryland farming and tourism, the Riverland is a major economic contributor within the state and nationally.

Located just over 2 hours north east of Adelaide and 90 minutes west of Mildura, the region is home to a number of medical services, hospitals, schools and learning facilities, aged care facilities, service sectors, and shopping precincts.

Encompassing 9386km² the Riverland is serviced by three innovative and progressive local government councils; District Council of Loxton Waikerie, Berri Barmera Council and Renmark Paringa Council. Several state and federal government departments and services are located in Berri including Medicare, Centrelink, Service SA and the region’s impressive Riverland General Hospital.

South Australia’s Riverland offers exceptional opportunities and an enviable quality of life.



Living in the Riverland is affordable and safe.

Warm dry summers and relatively mild winters make it possible to take full advantage of life, all year round, in one of the most beautiful, naturally diverse regions in Australia.

Property prices are substantially lower than the South Australian median and offer a charming and eclectic mix of building and construction styles.

Choose from wonderful old stone villas with large rooms, tall chimneys and high ceilings or ultra-modern, open-plan, energy efficient spaces.

Another alternative is to take advantage of the Riverland’s buoyant housing construction industry, and very reasonably priced land and build your dream home.

Each major town has a vibrant retail area, from the charm of traditional main street precincts where locally operated small businesses offer niche products and a unique shopping experience, through to modern plaza style shopping centres, multi-national retailers, fast food outlets and 7-day supermarket shopping, the Riverland has something for everyone.

In addition, the Riverland Farmers’ Market, together with the many roadside produce stalls scattered throughout the region, offer an impressive array of locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables.

Hotels, motels, clubs, restaurants, cafes and take-away outlets shape a vibrant and emerging Riverland food and wine experience.

Profits from the region’s community owned hotels and clubs are used to benefit local charities, events, groups and associations.


Well Being

A range of health services to meet the diverse needs of the region.

The Riverland offers a substantial network of support and direct health services throughout the region. Access to general practice doctors, dentists, pharmacies plus allied health service providers are available in each of the five major towns.

The Riverland boasts hospitals in each of the five major towns, offering a range of services to meet the diverse needs of the region.

The Riverland General Hospital, in Berri, provides an after-hours GP clinic, radiology services and, following its recent redevelopment, now offers a rehabilitation centre, mental health unit, additional operating theatres, renal dialysis chairs and chemotherapy facilities.

A personalised approach to childbirth is available through facilities at the Riverland General, Loxton, and Waikerie hospital complexes.

The Riverland health system provides 24-hour emergency care, caters for both private and public patients, and is regularly serviced by visiting medical specialists and other health professionals. Government, private health and community service agencies have offices in the Riverland offering support, information, education and counselling services.

The Riverland is also home to a choice of quality accredited aged care facilities and independent living options.



From child care to graduating with a degree, the Riverland offers exceptional educational opportunities.

First Steps

Community based and private child care centres, family day care providers, early learning centres and pre-school facilities.


Primary Level

The schools also o er a wide range of VET programs in addition to opportunities to undertake school based apprenticeships and traineeships. The Riverland Special School provides an educational program for reception to Year 12-plus students who are eligible for placement.

And More…

TAFE campuses and registered training organisations o er opportunities to further knowledge, change career paths and/or gain qualifications.

The Flinders University Rural Clinical School in Renmark offers a Bachelor of Nursing Degree, together with medical programs for rural doctors and paramedics.

Digital technology now provides endless opportunities to study from the comfort of home, allowing Riverland residents to make the most of the growing number of external courses offered by universities and other educational institutions.

Modern, vibrant and well equipped public, Catholic, Lutheran and non-denominational Christian education options, many offering out of school hours care programs (OSHC) during school holidays and after school hours.

Senior Schooling

With five public high school campuses across the region, the Riverland has a reputation of achieving a level of academic and sporting excellence that exceeds many metropolitan private schools.



Competitive sport? Leisure pursuit? All ages. The variety of options on offer in the Riverland is impressive.

Gymnastics • Tenpin Bowling • Cycling • Ballroom Dancing • Dinghy Racing • Boxing • Triathlons • Off Road Racing  • Golf • Karate • Athletics  • Powerlifting • Speed Boating  • Shooting • Fishing • Tennis • Swimming • Windsurfing  • Eightball • Football • Squash • Netball • Dirt Karts  • Darts • Softball • Lawn Bowls • Wake Boarding • Rowing • Speedway • Wake Boarding

The Riverland has a strong and unique sporting culture, with multiple turf ovals, golf courses, tennis courts, bowling greens, netball courts, stadiums/recreation centres, and swimming pools across the region.

From juniors through to parents and seniors, many lifelong friendships have been formed as dedicated parents and players commute regularly across the region, in pursuit of either competitive competition, or friendly social interaction, or both.

The Riverland has a long and proud sporting history, with a number of Olympians, Commonwealth Games medallists, AFL stars and Thunderbirds players commencing their sporting careers at grass roots level in the Riverland.

A number of major state, national and championship events are also held in the Riverland each year, providing opportunities for both competitors and spectators.



The Riverland has a community spirit to be proud of.

Meals-On-Wheels • Special Event Committees • Men’s Sheds • Churches & Church Groups • Hospitals • Historic Homes • Chambers of Commerce • Community Owned Hotels & Clubs • Community Transport Scheme • Probus • Neighbourhood Watch • Environmental Activities • Service Clubs for Men & Women • Schools • Nursing Homes • Tourist Attractions

The quality of Riverland life is greatly enhanced thanks to the countless volunteer hours that make many of our regions events, activities and services possible.

From umpiring a local sporting event, to volunteering for Meals on Wheels, or just dropping into your local Men’s Shed, the Riverland has a host of opportunities for social interaction and community involvement.

New faces are always welcome and greatly appreciated.



Retiring? Life in the Riverland is as good as it gets.

  • Centrally located to Adelaide, Mildura and other regional centres; the perfect base for travellers
  • Property prices are substantially lower than the Adelaide median
  • Mediterranean style climate, warm summers, mild winters
  • Excellent health services
  • Friendly, welcoming people
  • A buoyant housing construction industry and reasonably priced land
  • A large enough population to offer cosmopolitan sport, leisure, dining and educational experiences, yet small enough to ensure its precious sense of community spirit and identity is maintained.
  • Independent living villas, units and complexes located throughout the region.
  • Plenty of scope to become as involved in community life and service as you want to be. Virtually unlimited access to sport and/or leisure activities.
  • Accredited aged care facilities.


Time spent on, or near, the Murray River leaves a lasting impression and is the reason many people choose to make the Riverland their home.

Loxton Annual Spring Show • Renmark Rose Festival • Military inspired obstacle events • Riverland Wine and Food Festival • Loxton Christmas Lights Festival • Riverland Field Days • Nippy’s Loxton Gift • Murray Man Long Distance Triathlon • Themed local street parades • Cycling Tour of the Riverland • Music festivals

Many Riverlanders take full advantage of the Mighty Murray spending weekends boating, skiing, socialising or just relaxing on the river bank with a fishing rod or good book, while enjoying a beer or glass of wine.

More recently established attractions such as Banrock Station Wine and Wetland Centre, Bella Lavender, Ruston’s Rose Garden, Caudo Vineyards and Wilkadene Woolshed Brewery, combined with historic masterpieces including the Cobdogla Steam Museum, Loxton Historical Village, the Overland Corner Hotel and the Waikerie War Museum, provide ample things to do on a weekend.

Great local restaurants, hotels, community clubs, sporting clubs and coffee shops offer a variety of choice from specials days and meal deals, to high quality restaurant cuisine.

Playgrounds and adventure parks found throughout the region offer hours of amusement.

There are more than 100 well organised events held throughout the year, creating a regular buzz for both locals and visitors to the region.


Performing & Creating

The Riverland has a vibrant, inclusive and welcoming arts and cultural scene.

Award winning art galleries • Art groups • Art workshops • Book groups • Bridge groups • Superb libraries • Choral groups • Bands • Quilting and embroidery • Woodworking • Photography • Dance •  Drama groups • Live shows • Living museums • Concerts • Interpretive displays • Theatre productions • New release movies • Educational activities • Eco and nature based groups • Tours

Whether your passion is creating or building new works, performing on stage or viewing as an audience member, you’re bound to  find your niche in the scores of opportunities available throughout the region.

The Chaffey Theatre Renmark, part of Country Arts SA, one of South Australia’s largest arts organisations, is a fully equipped multi- purpose arts centre which accommodates performing arts, lm screenings, seminars and product launches.

The Riverland Youth Theatre has a long and proud history as South Australia’s premier regional youth arts organisation, providing young people with opportunities to develop creative expression, performance and technical skills.

The Riverland Musical Society’s annual large scale musical productions are a highlight on the region’s performance calendar.

Interested in heritage? Trace the expansion and development of the Riverland through iconic displays found at:

  • Loxton’s Historical Village
  • Paddle Steamer Industry at Renmark
  • Cobdogla’s Irrigation and Steam Museum
  • Waikerie’s Military Museum
  • The Loveday Internment Camp
  • The Pines Historic House and Garden Loxton
  • Morgan’s State Heritage Listed Wharf
  • Olivewood Historic Homestead Renmark.

Regional Economy

Australia’s longest river, the mighty Murray River, is the heartbeat
of South Australia’s Riverland region.

Through our strong reliance on favourable environmental conditions and water from the River Murray, our people and economy are resilient and innovative.

Irrigated Horticulture, dryland agriculture and the value add of irrigated product, have traditionally dominated the Riverland’s economy. Wine grapes, table grapes, oranges, almonds, stone fruit, and a number of other niche market fruits and vegetables are commonly grown in our fertile Riverland soil.

The need to diversify was highlighted during the Millennium Drought and a resulting focus on diversification and innovation now also sees tourism, health, education and manufacturing contribute significantly to the Riverland economy.

Ideally located on the main eastern state transit link, the region is home to a number of large businesses that operate both throughout the nation and internationally.

Affordable land and currently underutilised assets have recently attracted a number of new businesses with international markets into our region. The Riverland provides the perfect, ideally located, cost effective base for businesses looking to distribute throughout the nation.

A locally based multi-skilled workforce meets business and industry on-going employment needs, with seasonal fruit labour requirements well supported by backpackers enjoying the Riverland lifestyle.